Hi, I'm James

I'm a human driven by curiosity, innovation, and the search for hard problems.

From the first line of code I ever wrote, I became immediately enthralled with the creativity, power, and freedom of programming. Since then I have made it my goal to provide meaningful contributions and value wherever I go. I have helped to bring innovative projects to life, mentored other software engineers, and made friends for life with some inspiring and brilliant individuals across all kinds of fields.

I am a software engineer because it lies at the intersection of knowledge and application, but I also find endless fascination in all kinds of domains: from 3D graphics to astrophysics; programming, rock climbing, and a compulsion to read every book I've ever laid eyes on. I even grew up in a house with an observatory in the back garden, culminating in a deep, lifelong obsession with space. I've attended the European Astrofest every year for the last 12 years (pandemic years aside) and love it every time. I have yet to find a topic that I can't immerse myself in and find joy in.

Creating, solving, and learning is at the heart of everything I do. If you are making a difference by facing big challenges then I hope we can work together!

Professional Experience

Other Shenanigans

What am I reading right now? Not joking, I really do triple down on books